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Behnke trailers are built from the highest quality materials making them a consistent workhorse for almost any job. With bullet lighting, air ramps and a powder coat finish, the Behnke sets itself above the rest, right down to the detail. 

These trailers are built to handle the biggest of jobs, proven to be one of the most powerful equipment trailers on the market today. 

Behnke Pintle Air Ramp and Air Tilt

Why Behnke?

3 - 25,000lb Air Brake Axles |20K Hydraulic Winch | Beavertail with 6’ Air Ramps | D-Rings ever 4’ & Stake Pockets 

Behnke 53’ Step Deck Fifth Wheel Semi Trailer

Looking for the best in class? You’ve come to the right place. This workhorse is equipped with air ride suspension, beavertail drop deck, powder coat finish and two-stage air ramps. 

Diamond C 14’ WD Commercial Grade Dump Trailer

Non-Ground Detach Neck | 70,000 - 110,000 GVWR | 25,000 lb axles with Air Ride Suspension | 22” Front Loading Ramps

Triple axle hydraulic detaches are set up to haul the most rugged and heavy equipment. The 110,000 lb. trailer boast a 13’ neck, allowing it to be hauled with larger semi trailers. 

Diamond C 30’ FMAX 10K Gooseneck Equip. Trailer

Behnke Detachable GN Low Bed Semi-Trailer 

24’ Deck + 7’ beavertail | (3) 22,500 lb air brake axles | 40,000 - 50,000 lbs GVWR | 9.5’ wide options

This 40-50K trailer is equipped with 24’ oak deck, tilted by a dual air bag system. The tag-style powerhouse is great for loading pavers, directional drills, and other pieces of equipment requiring low load angles. 

Royal 7’x14’ LT Series Cargo Trailer

Behnke 24’ Pintle Style Air Tilt

“There is a big need for high quality trailers, a specialized need, we make sure it’s going to last.” 

Jim Behnke

Behnke started as a small welding shop and has evolved into one of the industry’s leading trailer manufacturers with dealers spanning across Canada and the US.

Behnke Detachable GN Low Bed Semi-Trailer

Family owned and operated

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